Two Modern Gypsies

Travel Map

Travel Plan

This chaotic map is our travel plan until august 2019. We have created an online Google map and pinned places we want to see, crags we want to climb, bouldering areas and hikes we want to do. As you can see there are so many places we want to visit, but we don’t want the route to be too set. So, we’ll update this page along the way. Climbing and bouldering also depending on the weather, so we will follow the seasons and keep away from the winter as much as possible.

Some of the plans for the next months

  • Drive through Austria, Slovenia and down to Croatia.
  • Italy
  • South of France (Miriam’s sister is visiting us)
  • Spain – start with one month in Albarracin. After that we’ll follow the weather and find nice sport climbing crags in Spain and Portugal.
  • We’ll spend our Christmas Holidays in Spain.
  • When it gets warmer we head to France again, to boulder in Fontainebleau.
  • After that we’ll climb in Pfalz in Germany, before we head to Luxembourg
  • After Luxembourg we’ll drive through Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark.
  • After Copenhagen it’s time to drive back home to Norway.