The Airstream Our mothership



“It all began with a dream: to offer a more satisfying, meaningful way to travel, without sacrificing the comforts of home. Over 85 years later, our legendary travel trailers and touring coaches, handcrafted in Jackson Center, Ohio, have created a passionate community – and a way of life.”

This Airstream International will be our home until August 2019. Thank you to Christoffer’s father for borrowing it to us for such a long time. Also, the car, a Toyota Landcruiser 2015 model.

The caravan is a 2016 model, bought in the UK. It is 8 meters long (27 feet), containing a master bedroom, a bathroom with toilet and shower, a fully equipped kitchen and a “living room” with a sitting group. The sitting group can also transform into a kingsize bed for guests. Because of the size, Christoffer has taken a license so that he can drive this land yacht through Europe.