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  • Climbing in Luxembourg, the fairy tale forest of Berdorf

    Climbing in Luxembourg, the fairy tale forest of Berdorf

    Again, we only planned to stay for a couple of weeks but ended up staying for a month. It was love at first sight. The climbing and hiking in Luxembourg and the area of Berdorf, or little Switzerland as it’s also called, is incredible. A must experience for everyone passing this small country – climber or […]

  • Jungle & Fairytales in Alsace

    Jungle & Fairytales in Alsace

    After bouldering for over a month, our fingers were itching for rope climbing again. As we were slowly heading back to Roka Werk in Germany for service on the mother ship, we left Fontainebleau and drove east towards Strasbourg. A friend of ours told us that Kronthal near the border to Germany has some beautiful […]

  • Climbing in Siurana

    Climbing in Siurana

    Siurana is a small village in Catalonia situated on a cliff’s edge in the Tarragona mountains. The view is just spectacular, not to mention the limestone cliffs, which makes Siurana a climber’s paradise. It’s understandable that this place has been one of the world’s best climbing crags for decades. Here you can watch some of […]

  • Tarifa – A little paradise

    Tarifa – A little paradise

    During our six months of traveling in Europe, we have visited so many places with the potential to be our favorite, Tarifa is probably our winner so far. We love the beautiful and wild landscape you meet just after driving an hour from busy Marbella. And the white beaches packed with kiters, active people and […]

  • Climbing Costa del Sol – El Chorro, Mijas & Marbella

    Climbing Costa del Sol – El Chorro, Mijas & Marbella

    After spending some weeks with fantastic climbing in Costa Blanca, we were psyched to see what Costa del Sol had to offer. The only thing we knew was that El Chorro is in this region, the crag almost everyone we’ve met has talked about. Finding a guidebook for the climbing though seemed almost impossible. The […]

  • Climbing in Finale Ligure, Italian Riviera

    Climbing in Finale Ligure, Italian Riviera

    After watching the EpicTV serie, Europe’s Best Crags we wanted to try the climbing in Finale. This was also on our way to France so spending a week here was not a difficult choice to make. It turned out that Finale is one of the places we like the best so far – actually that […]

  • Climbing in Innsbruck – North of Tirol (2/3)

    Climbing in Innsbruck – North of Tirol (2/3)

    Innsbruck is a famous climbing destination offering excellent climbing for all types of climbers. The Climbing World Championships took place in Innsbruck at the time we were in the area, so we simply couldn’t miss out. Especially because this year it would be the biggest Climbing World Championships of all times. Lead, Bouldering, Speed, and […]

  • Innsbruck, Austria (1/3)

    Innsbruck, Austria (1/3)

    As soon as we realized we could catch the Climbing World Championships in Innsbruck, we changed our plans and bought tickets to the finals. Innsbruck is not far away from Füssen, so the timing was perfect. We actually liked Innsbruck that much that we ended up staying 3 weeks in stead of one. There’s so […]