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  • Checking out the pulse of Amsterdam and climbing Excalibur

    Checking out the pulse of Amsterdam and climbing Excalibur

    We had one big goal for our visit to the Netherlands; to climb one of the worlds tallest artificial climbing walls, Excalibur in Groningen.  We had seen so many pictures of Excalibur on social media, so we had to see it live and test it. It was fun, high and windy! It was an exciting […]

  • Dinner and diamonds in Belgium

    Dinner and diamonds in Belgium

    Our original plan was to spend a couple of days in Belgium and to check out the capital city, Brussels. After some research, we changed our mind and went to Antwerp instead. Antwerp is a must to visit; a fashionable city most famous for all the creative, artsy people within the fashion and diamonds industry. […]

  • Jungle & Fairytales in Alsace

    Jungle & Fairytales in Alsace

    After bouldering for over a month, our fingers were itching for rope climbing again. As we were slowly heading back to Roka Werk in Germany for service on the mother ship, we left Fontainebleau and drove east towards Strasbourg. A friend of ours told us that Kronthal near the border to Germany has some beautiful […]

  • Tourists in Paris and Versailles

    Tourists in Paris and Versailles

    Even though we were quite engaged with the bouldering in Fontainebleau, we had to spend some days as serious tourists in Paris. Christoffer’s mum was visiting us in Paris, so we left the mother ship for some days and stayed in an apartment with her. We also took the train from Fontainebleau to Versailles together […]

  • Game of Thrones vibes in Girona

    Game of Thrones vibes in Girona

    After our month in Siurana, it was time to leave Spain and slowly begin our return back to Norway. Our next big plan was Fontainebleau in France, just an hour outside of Paris. But first, a pitstop in Girona on the Costa Brava coast, a region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain. Girona is known for […]

  • Hanging around in Lisbon

    Hanging around in Lisbon

    For us, Lisbon has everything we’re looking for in a big city. We especially enjoyed the urban areas, with bars, restaurants, and small design shops. The old part of town is also super charming to walk around in, so colorful and romantic. Next time we’ll bring surfboards and check out all the spots just a […]

  • Portugal – The Algarve Coastline

    Portugal – The Algarve Coastline

    Portugal was a new country for both of us, hence a must to visit when we’re this close. We didn’t plan to stay in Portugal too long, so we decided to skip climbing to get some rest and be 100% tourists for some weeks. First stop after crossing the border from Spain was the beautiful […]

  • Bolonia – White sand dunes & bouldering

    Bolonia – White sand dunes & bouldering

    One of the most beautiful places on earth? At least another little paradise, also in the municipality of Tarifa. Bolonia is most known for the white sandy beach with fantastic dunes, and some well kept Roman ruins. It’s also possible to drive to the top of the hill and enjoy a spectacular view of the sea and the beach. Here you can also find the big bouldering area! We didn’t know anything about the […]

  • Tarifa – A little paradise

    Tarifa – A little paradise

    During our six months of traveling in Europe, we have visited so many places with the potential to be our favorite, Tarifa is probably our winner so far. We love the beautiful and wild landscape you meet just after driving an hour from busy Marbella. And the white beaches packed with kiters, active people and […]

  • Christmas in Costa del Sol

    Christmas in Costa del Sol

    After traveling for nearly five months, Christmas was coming up, and we had to decide whether to take a plane back to Norway or stay to celebrate Christmas in Spain. We decided to save money and the environment and celebrate it together in the Airstream. Even though we missed our family and friends during the […]