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  • Birthday, climbing and sightseeing in Trier

    Birthday, climbing and sightseeing in Trier

    Miriam wished for her birthday to be tourists in one of Germany’s oldest towns, Trier. She also wanted to keep her tradition of climbing on her birthday, so this was the perfect opportunity to check out the bouldering gym, Bloc Chocolate. Yes, you heard it right, bouldering and chocolate. The owners of the gym just […]

  • Jungle & Fairytales in Alsace

    Jungle & Fairytales in Alsace

    After bouldering for over a month, our fingers were itching for rope climbing again. As we were slowly heading back to Roka Werk in Germany for service on the mother ship, we left Fontainebleau and drove east towards Strasbourg. A friend of ours told us that Kronthal near the border to Germany has some beautiful […]

  • The bouldering paradise – Fontainebleau

    The bouldering paradise – Fontainebleau

    Isn’t it just fantastic that in one single trip you can experience the Eiffel Tower, and climb in one of the world’s most famous climbing destinations? Fontainebleau has over 30 000 bouldering problems on quality sandstone rock! And it’s only an hour by car outside of Paris. Our stay in Fontainebleau has been the month […]

  • Bolonia – White sand dunes & bouldering

    Bolonia – White sand dunes & bouldering

    One of the most beautiful places on earth? At least another little paradise, also in the municipality of Tarifa. Bolonia is most known for the white sandy beach with fantastic dunes, and some well kept Roman ruins. It’s also possible to drive to the top of the hill and enjoy a spectacular view of the sea and the beach. Here you can also find the big bouldering area! We didn’t know anything about the […]

  • Climbing in Innsbruck – North of Tirol (2/3)

    Climbing in Innsbruck – North of Tirol (2/3)

    Innsbruck is a famous climbing destination offering excellent climbing for all types of climbers. The Climbing World Championships took place in Innsbruck at the time we were in the area, so we simply couldn’t miss out. Especially because this year it would be the biggest Climbing World Championships of all times. Lead, Bouldering, Speed, and […]

  • Innsbruck, Austria (1/3)

    Innsbruck, Austria (1/3)

    As soon as we realized we could catch the Climbing World Championships in Innsbruck, we changed our plans and bought tickets to the finals. Innsbruck is not far away from Füssen, so the timing was perfect. We actually liked Innsbruck that much that we ended up staying 3 weeks in stead of one. There’s so […]

  • Bouldering in Petrohrad

    Bouldering in Petrohrad

    In a quiet, mysterious forest situated 80 km west of Prague hides the best bouldering area in the Czech Republic, Petrohrad. Thousands of bouldering problems on egg-shaped rough granite stones, low-balls and high balls, makes this place to an amusement park for climbers. After a few days in Pirna we crossed the border and drove […]

  • Bouldering World Cup Munich, Climbing & Shopping

    Bouldering World Cup Munich, Climbing & Shopping

    After ten good days in Czeck it was time to once again pack all our stuff and take the mother ship back to Germany. This time heading to Munich to watch the last Bouldering World Cup live. Pretty stoked you can say! We liked Munich a lot, this outdoor/sporty city suits us perfectly and we’re […]