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  • Füssen – Our first meeting with the Alps

    Füssen – Our first meeting with the Alps

    There are so many stunning pictures of the Neuschwanstein Castle (in South of Germany) on Instagram. We decided to go there to see it ourselves and spend a few days in Füssen on our way to Innsbruck. A beautiful place, but unfortunately we were a bit unlucky with the weather and full campsites. We ended […]

  • Heidelberg – “A Harry Potter film set”

    Heidelberg – “A Harry Potter film set”

    After Munich we had to go north in Germany in order to have some maintenance on our Mothership. The drive was a little bit long with the Airstream and we had almost a week to spend before our appointments, so we needed a stop on the way. Our German friends Maren and Markus strongly recommended us […]

  • Bouldering in Petrohrad

    Bouldering in Petrohrad

    In a quiet, mysterious forest situated 80 km west of Prague hides the best bouldering area in the Czech Republic, Petrohrad. Thousands of bouldering problems on egg-shaped rough granite stones, low-balls and high balls, makes this place to an amusement park for climbers. After a few days in Pirna we crossed the border and drove […]

  • Bouldering World Cup Munich, Climbing & Shopping

    Bouldering World Cup Munich, Climbing & Shopping

    After ten good days in Czeck it was time to once again pack all our stuff and take the mother ship back to Germany. This time heading to Munich to watch the last Bouldering World Cup live. Pretty stoked you can say! We liked Munich a lot, this outdoor/sporty city suits us perfectly and we’re […]

  • The National Park of Saxon Switzerland Eastern Germany

    The National Park of Saxon Switzerland Eastern Germany

    The National Park of Saxon Switzerland is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. It stretches between Pirna in the Eastern Germany and the Czeck border. We found a really cool hiking-trail, the Sandstone Mountains Malerweg which is supposed to be one of the most picture friendly hiking-trails in Germany. Of course we had […]

  • Berlin – Sightseeing & bouldering

    Berlin – Sightseeing & bouldering

    We had a pretty long drive from Harry’s Place to Berlin and arrived in the evening at a campsite south of Berlin, Hotel and City Camping South. A very nice and quiet campsite just outside the city. Christoffer finally got to test his backing skills with the mothership, also with audience on the campsite. He […]

  • Sightseeing in Copenhagen – Denmark

    Sightseeing in Copenhagen – Denmark

    After some quiet days at Tjörnbro Park we decided to go straight to Copenhagen, driving over the Oresund Bridge from Malmö. It’s an easy way to get to Copenhagen, a bit expensive (we paid aprox 1200 SEK), but worth it (If you haven’t watched the serie: The Bridge, you have something to look forward to). We […]

  • First Stop – Camping in Sweden

    First Stop – Camping in Sweden

    After a few hours of driving from Oslo, we arrived at Tjörnbro Park, in Sweden.  Just a short drive from Uddevalla and an hour outside Gothenburg. The campsite lies below Tjörn bridge, very close to the sea and beautiful surroundings. We had a sea view and a short walk to a little beach. It was really […]