Two Modern Gypsies

Welcome to our blog, Two Modern Gypsies. On this site we will share all about our 12 months caravan adventure around Europe in search for the best climbing crags, great locations and awesome experiences.

About Us

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Welcome to our blog, Two Modern Gypsies. On this site, we will share all about our 12 months caravan adventure around Europe in search of the best climbing crags, great locations, and experiences. Because of a fantastic opportunity of borrowing an Airstream caravan and Toyota Landcruiser, we can do this and leave our hometown, Oslo at the end of July 2018. Read more about the traveling route here.

We call ourselves Two Modern Gypsies, but we are actually three individuals in our little family, Christoffer, Miriam, and our dog Smula.

Christoffer works as a teacher and has taken a year off from work. He has also taken the driving license for caravans, so he’s the driver of the Landcruiser with the Airstream behind. Miriam works as a freelancer within graphic design and communication and has arranged so she can be able to do some work from where we are. Smula, our dog has gotten his passport and all the vaccine’s he needs so he can’t wait to run around the wild and explore Europe.

Even though camping can be cheap and most of the countries in Europe are less expensive than Norway, there will be a lot of expenses, especially with diesel and campsites. To be sure to have enough money we have rented out our apartment in Oslo, sold a lot of stuff (that we don’t need) and of course, saved as much as we could in advance.

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Miriam Wallenius

Age: 31

Works as: Founder of FLINK design and Pinakkel

Climbing experience: 3 years

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Age: 1 and a half

Dog Race: Miniature Pincher

Climbing experience: 1 year

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Christoffer Teigen

Age: 30

Works as: Teacher

Climbing experience: 4 years