Two Modern Gypsies

Going home

Home sweet home (is where you park it!)

After twelve months on the road, we’re back in Christoffer’s grandparents garden, cleaning and moving out from the Airstream. The last couple of months has been a mixture of feelings. We both missed home because of our friends and family, but on the other side, we didn’t want this indescribable journey to end! 

Cleaning the Airstream after staying in it for a year. It has never been as clean as now.

Germany – Denmark ­– Sweden – Norway

Before our return to Norway, we spent a few days in Munkbrarup at Monica and Harald’s place, which we also did on our way south ten months earlier. It was a good feeling to be back, Harald and Monica are super-friendly people, read our blog post about our first stay here. After Munkbrarup we spent a few days both in Copenhagen in Denmark and Tjörn in Sweden, before we drove our last kilometres home to Norway.    

Memories for life

This trip has been the best. We have met so many people and established friendships for a lifetime. We have seen so many unforgettable places and climbed dozens of superb lines in different climbing destinations. We didn’t experience any bad incidents (except a flat tire and some bruises). And we have learned that we don’t need much space or material stuff to be happy. It’s kind of the other way around. And yes, we are still a happy couple – even closer than ever before. 

Some protips for other campers: 

Edit all footage along the way (we’re so happy that we did) and write down everything you want to keep in your memory. You’ll most likely forget it, especially if you’re on a long trip like us. 

Just a little bit of research in advance on the places you are going to can save you a lot of money and stressful situations. 

High season for camping is expensive (June/July – August/September). We used the discount card, ACSI and saved a lot of money during the low season. 

Been thinking about an adventure yourself? Just do it! You’ll most likely never regret it.

Bye for now! We’ll be back on adventure before you know it!

Groningen – Munkbrarup – Copenhagen – Tjörn – Leirsund



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