Two Modern Gypsies

Service Roka Werk

Every home needs some maintenance once in a while

It’s hard to believe that it’s already over eight months since our last visit to ROKA Werk in Germany. Every home needs some maintenance once in a while, especially one on wheels. Our adventure is soon coming to an end, at the end of July we’ll be back in Norway. Therefore, we had a pitstop in Germany to make sure that the Airstream is in perfect condition and safe to drive – it’s even super clean on the outside now!

Thank you very much, ROKA Werk, for being so helpful and service minded! That’s awesome!

Back in Limburg, now checking out the newer part of town. Which we also enjoyed a lot. Miriam had to do some work, so she found a lovely Italian bar with coffee, wifi, and Aperol Spritz. No complaints.

The showroom at ROKA Werk is like a playground for adult.

Next up Luxembourg!

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