Two Modern Gypsies

Dinner and diamonds in Belgium

Our original plan was to spend a couple of days in Belgium and to check out the capital city, Brussels. After some research, we changed our mind and went to Antwerp instead.

Antwerp is a must to visit; a fashionable city most famous for all the creative, artsy people within the fashion and diamonds industry. There are urban cafes and restaurants on almost every corner. We spent the day in the old city, walking around, eating and checking out the pulse of the city.

Camping Hof van Eeden

A very nice campsite with friendly staff. We had some issues finding the campsite though and had to turn the whole mother ship in a dead-end, a road Google said was absolutely open. Luckily a nice old man helped us by driving in front of us to the campsite. We have met so many helpful people along our way, so grateful for that.

  • Friendly staff
  • Accepts ACSI card
  • Good sanitary facilities
  • Large, leveled pitches

The owners of the campsite in Luxembourg gave us a gift, local champagne, and jam, when we left, after a month on their wonderful campsite. We found this little dinner as the perfect occasion to drink this wonderful champagne.

Belgian waffles in Belgium of course.

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