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Climbing in Luxembourg, the fairy tale forest of Berdorf

Again, we only planned to stay for a couple of weeks but ended up staying for a month. It was love at first sight. The climbing and hiking in Luxembourg and the area of Berdorf, or little Switzerland as it’s also called, is incredible. A must experience for everyone passing this small country – climber or not.

In Tarifa, we met a traveling couple from The Netherlands, Peter, and Iris. They told us about their «home crag» in Luxembourg. Because we liked climbing on sandstone in Tarifa, they promised us to love Berdorf. So happy that we followed their advice! Read the post about Tarifa here.

Always in good company

We were never alone during our month in Luxembourg. Peter and Iris came to climb with us on their way home. Maren and Markus were visiting from Germany, and Bibiana and Joakim joined us for a couple of weeks on their way back to Norway. Miriam was thrilled to have so many guests for her birthday on the 29th of June. We celebrated her day with climbing and sightseeing in Trier in Germany (another blog post coming soon).

Joakim and Bibiana

Maren and Markus (left), Peter climbing Voleur de Spits 7a (middle), Iris chilling in the hammock, watching Peter climb.

Climbing in Berdorf

Rock climbing in Luxembourg was a memorable experience. Quality sandstone routes on fascinating rock formations are hard to forget. The style is varied, whether you like face climbing on sharp crimps and mono pockets, or jugs on a steep overhang, Berdorf has routes to offer. The routes are well bolted and graded from 5a-8c.

The crag is still relatively small, counting 160+ routes. Hopefully, as the climbing here is getting more and more popular, the government will open for expansion of the crag. The locals are fighting for it, and we support them.

Christoffer climbing Däiwel 7b/7b+.

Miriam on the super classic Willy 6c (left) and Choco Prince 7a.

Like a fairytale on weekdays, and an amusement park at the weekends.

Choco Prince 7a.

Heinz 6c (left and middle), Voleur de Spitz 7a+ (Right)

Christoffer on Parapluie 7a.

Joakim working on Borderline 8b.

Bibiana on Choco Prince.

The Mullerthal Trail

Luxembourg has a lot more to offer than just climbing. It’s also a popular hiking and enduro biking destination, with kilometers of trails in a picturesque, breath-taking landscape. The trails take you through wonderland forests, national parks, charming villages, and ancient ruins. One of the well-known trails is the 112km Mullerthal Trail. We hiked parts of it on Route 2, also described as little Switzerland, offering unusual rock formations and stunning scenery.

Tremendous variations in landscape on the Mullerthal trail and other trails in the area. There are almost unlimited possibilities for a day of hiking.

Checking out the humanmade caves on the Mullerthal Trail.


Echternach is the oldest town in Luxembourg. Take a break from hiking and activities in one of Echternachts, many restaurants, and cafés. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s still worth it. It’s also worth to take a short walk in the old town, which is beautiful.

Enjoying the view over Echternach.

CASPER’S Climbing Shop

As our adventure is soon coming to an end, and the budget is still not on broke, Christoffer found good reasons to buy new gear in the best climbing shop in Luxembourg. Casper’s climbing shop has everything you need for climbing, and more.

The owner, Casper, who is also one of the writers of the Berdorf guidebook is such a great guy. He gave us some good recommendations for climbing in Berdorf. We’ll come back to his shop next time.

Casper and his crew.

Celebrating National Day in Luxembourg city

Concerts, food trucks, and fireworks – an excellent way to spend your Saturday with friends. It wasn’t an overstatement that the fireworks on Luxembourg’s National Day are fabulous. It truly was. None of us had experienced such a beautiful firework before. It wasn’t Smula’s favorite part of the day though, but Christoffer kept him safe in his arms cuddling him and holding him tight.

We had a private National Day guide – Joakim was in full control of all the happenings in the city.

Luxembourg city is elegant and luxurious. This is also our overall impression of the whole country, they seem to have everything in order and in good shape.

Camping Martbusch

We loved staying at Martbusch. It’s walking distance to the crag, which is not something you take for granted when you have a large caravan. Hiking and bike trails start just outside too, and it’s possible to rent bikes at the campsite. You can buy the guidebook for climbing here as well.

We will come back to this campsite.

  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Clean and good sanitary facilities
  • Accepts ACSI card
  • Large enough pitches (we’re glad we had movers though, the streets at the campsite are a bit narrow)
  • Pitches on grass
  • Very nice area for our dog Smula

Burgers at the Berdorf minigolf

We had many visits to the minigolf restaurant during our stay in Berdorf. Not for minigolf though, we never found time for that, but for burgers and beer. It’s located just outside of camping Martbusch on the way to the crag. Perfect location. The burgers are cheap and taste like heaven after a long day of climbing or hiking.

1: Miriam is enjoying a full glass of wine at the minigolf, 2-5: Barbeque and dinnertime in our garden, always with good helpers.

Sunset with a view and ping pong night session – just outside of Martbush campsite.

Never without Smula. Our biggest fan in the world, and likewise.

And some more climbing pics

Good times in Berdorf. Want to go back already!

Thank you, Maren and Markus, for lots of cool pictures.

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    Jättekul att få läsa ert reportage om Luxemburg och se de fina bilderna! Vad skoj att ni stannade kvar här så länge. Hoppas att ni kommer tillbaka en dag. 🙂

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      Hei Merry. Tusen takk. Det er absolutt planen å komme tilbake, forhåpentligvis om ikke så lenge også:)

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    Det låter bra, det – välkomna tillbaka! Då finns det många fina leder som väntar på er här. Själv kämpar jag hårt med Daiwel, och gör små framsteg hela tiden. Jag hoppas kunna klara den i år. Ett stort tack för er mycket inspirerande blog! Vilken drömresa! Jag blev särskilt sugen på att åka till Tarifa… 🙂

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      Masse lykke til med Daiwel, du får den til! 😀 Ja, Tarifa er virkelig helt fantastisk. Dit skal vi også tilbake til, kanskje til og med bo der en liten stund 😛 Send oss gjerne en meld på Instagram eller Facebook, så kan vi gi lyd når vi er tilbake i Luxembourg. Alltid gøy å klatre med flere. Fortsatt god sommer til dere 🙂