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Sightseeing Trier

Birthday, climbing and sightseeing in Trier

Miriam wished for her birthday to be tourists in one of Germany’s oldest towns, Trier. She also wanted to keep her tradition of climbing on her birthday, so this was the perfect opportunity to check out the bouldering gym, Bloc Chocolate. Yes, you heard it right, bouldering and chocolate. The owners of the gym just happened to love making cakes and climbing. So why not combine that?

This day was one of the warmest in a long time, so even though the crag in Berdorf is in the shade and a chilly valley (read about Berdorf here), it was just too warm to climb outside. Again, a perfect opportunity to check out the gym. It was Casper, the owner of Casper’s climbing shop who recommended it. We had a couple of sessions at the gym and liked it a lot, especially the cakes.

After bouldering and hanging out at the gym for hours, we found the way into town. Lucky for us, we randomly bumped into the celebration of the city, totally packed with happy people and music in different genres.

Trier is a lovely place to be. The fascinating architecture, atmosphere, and history make it a place to remember.

Birthday girl in search of ice cream and drink. Porta Nigra to the right.

Bloc Chocolate.

Dangerous cakes for trying to get in shape. They tasted like heaven after bouldering for hours.

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