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Jungle & Fairytales in Alsace

After bouldering for over a month, our fingers were itching for rope climbing again. As we were slowly heading back to Roka Werk in Germany for service on the mother ship, we left Fontainebleau and drove east towards Strasbourg. A friend of ours told us that Kronthal near the border to Germany has some beautiful and hard routes, so we found a lovely campsite not far away, in Vilsberg. We fell in love with this area too, like so many other places we have visited during our adventure. Strasbourg and all the small villages around are all super charming. It’s like being in a fairytale.  

Our original plan was to stay in Phalsbourg only for a few days and then pass the border to Germany for some climbing days in Pfalz. We enjoyed our stay at Camping Les Bouleaux very much and ended up staying for three weeks instead. The owners are great, so friendly and easy-going. Fantastic atmosphere. We also got visitors from Germany again, Maren and Markus came to join us for some climbing days in a long weekend. 

Time to say goodbye. Here with the owners of the campsite, Remco and Sandy, and Maren and Markus.

Climbing in Kronthal, Saut du Prince Charles and Geissfels

There are lots of climbing in the area of Strasbourg. The quality of the rock varies a bit, but it’s all red sandstone. Kronthal is the most famous crag in the area, probably because of the quality and its hard routes. The first established 9a in this district of France is in Kronthal. Most of the sectors are vertical, and there are some heavy roof climbing in the harder grades. The nature surrounding is very impressive. It gives the feeling of being in a jungle. The only downturn is the road below the crag, it’s a lot of traffic, hence also a lot of noise. 

We also tried some crags closer to the campsite, Saut du Prince Charles and Geissfels. These crags have good routes, but we didn’t enjoy the quality of the rock that much. Nevertheless, we got to climb and spend some days in the beautiful nature surrounding these crags.

In Strasbourg, there are several climbing and bouldering gyms. We went to Blockout Strasbourg a couple of times for bouldering. It’s super fresh and has a lot of cool problems.

Climbing at Saut du Prince Charles.

Smula at Geissfels, 2. Spille, 3. Maren on Le Choix de Thibaut – Le Saut de Prince Charles, 4. Markus on the same route.


Camping Les Bouleaux

  • Super friendly and helpful staff
  • Great sanitary facilities. Always clean
  • Accepts ACSI card
  • Wifi in the restaurant area
  • We liked the bar and restaurant very much
  • Heated pool
  • Leveled pitches on grass

Maren and Markus visiting from Germany.

Champagne breakfast – celebrating Norway’s national day 17. Mai.

The restaurant at the campsite is very popular. Of good reasons.

Office days.

Walking around in wonderful Graufthal and looking at the charming blue troglodyte houses, which is also a little museum.

Hiking and working out at Geissfels.


Fontainebleau – Phalsbourg.

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