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Climbing in Siurana

Siurana is a small village in Catalonia situated on a cliff’s edge in the Tarragona mountains. The view is just spectacular, not to mention the limestone cliffs, which makes Siurana a climber’s paradise. It’s understandable that this place has been one of the world’s best climbing crags for decades. Here you can watch some of the strongest climbers in the world sending super hard routes, like the famous La Rambla 9a+, or you can try climbing for the first time. There are room and routes for everyone. 

Again, we had an excellent time with climbing. If you like quality pocketed limestone and stamina climbing on vertical walls, slabs, and overhangs, you should give Siurana a visit. It was hot during our stay here, but it didn’t seem to bother too many. It was still lots of climbers, especially during weekends, as always. But it was never too crowded, and we even had some sectors entirely to ourselves. Again we’re in company with Chris and Dick and had some lovely climbing days together. As this was Chris and Dick’s last month on their trip, we had a goodbye pizza dinner together at the Prades campsite restaurant. A perfect ending on this chapter.

Visit Siurana?

There is a climbing shop, Goma 2 Siurana, in Montsant where you find everything you need for climbing for a reasonable price. They also resoled our climbing shoes with good results.

If you’re here for a while, we recommend you to drive a bit longer to do your weekly groceries shopping or do the shopping in advance. In the closest villages, Montsant and Prades there are a few small supermarkets, but it’s a bit more expensive.

For accommodation, a lot of people stay in Montsant, the closest village to Siurana. There are also a lot of people sleeping in their car and motorhomes on the parking in Siurana. We stayed at the campsite in Prades, which we enjoyed a lot and will strongly recommend it. There is a small campsite in Siurana though, which is cheap and without doubt the closest to the crag. Nevertheless, we got advised not to stay there by some other climbers.

Warm, but fun day at sector Solarium.

We heard that Dave Graham was in Siurana to project on La Rambla, so we decided to go and take a look. Randomly outside our car, he walked by us, and he wondered if we had driven from Norway. He is such a friendly and relaxed guy! We joined him on the way to the crag to watch his girlfriend projecting on the same route (middle). Just a few days later he managed to send it!

Miriam in the making of a video CV in the L’Herbolari sector.

So much for trying to get to the crag early. Luckily everything was fine with the owner of the car, but the locals like to go fast on these narrow roads!

Siurana in the sunset is strongly recommended. Like walking in a fairytale. Chris, Miriam and Dick (left)

Dick and Christoffer (left).

Enjoying the sunset and the view of some of the sectors in Siurana.

Pantà de Siurana in the back.

Here is Miriam on her way down from Cojòn Prieto (7a) (left). Chris and Dick were enjoying the view after a long climbing day at L’Herbolari (middle). Dick on El Menjapindula 7b in sector Esperó Primavera.

Climbers at Siuranella (left)

Christoffer on his way to the L’Herbolari sector.

Smula loves to be out climbing too, but his favorite place on earth these days is in the Airstream. Especially with a little bit sun and some candy.

On our restdays we’re tourists again. Here checking out some cool rocks close to Prades.

Prades town, 10 minutes walk from our campsite. A very cozy little town.

Camping Prades

We enjoyed our stay at this campsite and would strongly recommend it to everyone, also climbers in Siurana. It’s not that far to drive, only 20 minutes to the crag. Super friendly and helpful staff and excellent leveled pitches. The sanitary facilities were perfect, always clean, hot water and warm. So many sanitary blocks are cold because it’s outside. The camping also accepts ACSI card.

During our trip, we have stayed at a lot of campsites, and this is one of the top 3.

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