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Tarifa – A little paradise

During our six months of traveling in Europe, we have visited so many places with the potential to be our favorite, Tarifa is probably our winner so far. We love the beautiful and wild landscape you meet just after driving an hour from busy Marbella. And the white beaches packed with kiters, active people and beach bars in real surfer style are just right in our alley. It’s also lots of climbing possibilities in the area, both sport climbing, and bouldering, which of course is a huge plus.

Tarifa is a paradise for kiters and surfers, and it’s known for being one of the world’s most popular destinations for wind sports. You’ll find surf shops in every corner of Tarifa!! Even though it’s the low season now, we saw lots of kiters on the windy and sunny days. The parking’s next to the beach was full of people sleeping in their motorhomes and vans. We have to come back and try it ourselves and to experience the high season when all the chill restaurants and bars are open.

The landscape surrounding Tarifa is so green and wild. There are plenty of hiking possibilities close, and there are also other super lovely villages and beaches to explore, just a short drive from Tarifa (read post about Bolonia here). As Tarifa is a kiter paradise, it means that it’s also a place with a high amount of windy days! We didn’t find it too bad, especially in the climbing wall, where it was almost a little bit too warm some of the days.


As mentioned, it’s also lots of climbing in Tarifa, all year around. Besides, in just an hour drive, there are many other sport climbing crags to find. We didn’t have time to explore every crag in Tarifa. We only climbed at Tajo del Buho, the most popular sector Mosaico and La placa y el Tocho, which is probably the best in this time of year. Very fascinating rock of sandstone, where you can find routes in all grades up to 8a.

Some people in Marbella told us that the bouldering in Tarifa and Bolonia is excellent. Because of bad weather and not too much time we only checked out the bouldering in Bolonia, found some cool roofs and problems (read Bolonia blog post). Unfortunately there are no guidebooks of the bouldering in Tarifa, we heard that this is because it’s in a National Park, hence a good idea to team up with some locals. Both to find the areas and boulder problems.

Surfer hangouts everywhere along the beach “Playa de Los Lances Norte”

View over Tarifa from the climbing crag

Breakfast and quality time, before a long day with climbing

The Mosaico sector. Sandstone and very weird formations of rock. Thank you for pictures Witek:) 

Dick and Chris are with us again

After searching for a guidebook everywhere in Tarifa, we found out that this little kiosk just before the crag, were the only one selling a guidebook.

Bulls and horses were grassing around at the climbing crag. Smula also got a new friend, an adorable, homeless dog. He followed us to the crag and stayed there with us the whole day.

(Left) View to the sectors on the other side. We didn’t climb here this time, a little bit cold in the shadow at this time of year. (Right) The Mosaico sector

We jumped into the sea after a hot climbing day. We wish the water were too, but it was cold and very refreshing.

Tarifa is close to Africa. This sign is from the Isla de Las Palomas, with the landmark Punta de Tarifa, which is the southernmost point of continental Europe.

Looking at Africa in the distance

The old town of Tarifa is really worth a visit

Isla de Las Palomas

The beaches are packed with beach bars and restaurants. Love them, love the interior!

Taco time! Our Friday tradition from Norway is a good way on keeping control of the days.

Training day at the campsite. When you don’t have a gym you’ll need to be creative.

So much gear that has to be cleaned and organized before moving on to a new place.

Camping Valdevaqueros

  • Large pitches, on grass and sand
  • Excellent sanitary facilities (warm water in showers)
  • Nice staff
  • ACSI card accepted
  • Sheltered from the wind (at least where we’re staying)
  • Not far from the beach
  • Would visit again

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