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Bolonia – White sand dunes & bouldering

One of the most beautiful places on earth? At least another little paradise, also in the municipality of Tarifa. Bolonia is most known for the white sandy beach with fantastic dunes, and some well kept Roman ruins. It’s also possible to drive to the top of the hill and enjoy a spectacular view of the sea and the beach. Here you can also find the big bouldering area!

We didn’t know anything about the bouldering in Bolonia, other than it’s there and that we should drive up, up, up. Then we would see it. We didn’t find it that easily. So if you’re in the same situation, follow the road, passing the beach and the queseria. Here it’s a sign. Follow it up, up, up until you see a signed viewpoint. Here you’ll find the path to the bouldering area. We didn’t succeed in finding any information about the problems, so we just had to try. Some of the boulder problems are marked with an arrow, and you’ll probably see chalk at some hold as well. We heard that there was a guidebook ready to be printed, but because it’s in a National Park they didn’t get permission to publish it.

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The ruins of the Roman town of Baelo Claudia and our climbing crag in the back.

We had no guidebook, only chalk on holds and some arrows painted on the wall indicated a boulder problem.

We came really close to some eagles living in the mountain. So cool to watch them this close.

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