Two Modern Gypsies

Christmas in Costa del Sol

After traveling for nearly five months, Christmas was coming up, and we had to decide whether to take a plane back to Norway or stay to celebrate Christmas in Spain. We decided to save money and the environment and celebrate it together in the Airstream. Even though we missed our family and friends during the holidays, it was an experience and a part of our adventure. During our stay in Marbella, we had a lot of company; Chris and Dick came to stay at our campsite during the Christmas days. Some of Miriam’s family came for a holiday, and Maren and Markus, our German friends, came to visit us. So, all in all, it turned out to be quite a busy and social Christmas after all. 

To get the real Christmas atmosphere we decorated the mothership with Christmas decorations and bought lots of gingerbread and sweets – so we didn’t suffer at all! Chris and Dick kept us company with their van, Vanessa during the Christmas days. The 24thof December (the day we celebrate in Norway) we went to a restaurant for a lovely dinner, then headed back to the caravan for quiz and Yatzy (a game with dices).

A little bit of luxury

We had a quiet celebration of the new year. Some of Miriam’s family came to spend their holiday in the same area as us, so we had a wonderful New Year’s Eve dinner together. Her cousin owns an apartment in Cala de Mijas where his little family stayed, and her grandma and aunt had rented an apartment close to his. As they were only the two of them and they had rented a nice penthouse apartment, they invited us to stay for a couple of nights. So, before moving on to our next destination, Tarifa, we parked the caravan outside and had some luxury for a few days. And we got to do a lot of laundry, which was necessary.

Proudly showing the Airstream to Miriam’s family

Visitors from Germany

Maren and Markus, whom we met in Czech and who also visited us in Innsbruck, came to spend their holiday with us in Marbella. They arrived the day after New Year’s Eve and stayed for almost a week. Together we did some hiking to check out the mountains surrounding Marbella, climbing at Puerto Rico and visited Ronda.

Tried to find the path over to La Concha, the highest mountain in and around Marbella, but chose the wrong way. Didn’t really matter, the view and surrounding on the tops we hiked were also amazing.

Down to the right you can see Gibraltar. We did also see Africa from this view.

Processionary caterpillars, dangerous for pets, so we had to keep Smula away from the thousands we found crossing our path way.


We had been strongly recommended to visit Ronda, one of the oldest towns in Spain. So, when Maren & Markus came to visit, we went for a day trip. We wandered around in this beautiful little town the whole day. The bridge, Puente Nuevo, the newest and most significant of three bridges in Ronda, is a must to see, as all the pictures you see on Google is this bridge from different angles. It’s a spectacular view, reminds a bit of a film set. After having our late lunch at a little restaurant, we found the shopping street, which is also worth to visit in the evening. Note that finding parking was not easy, so be early or prepare for spending some time looking for it.

The “Puente Nuevo” bridge.

Eating cakes from the Panaderia.

Puente Nuevo in sunset. Photo: Markus

Camping la Buganvilla 

  • Excellent staff, friendly and helpful
  • Narrow roads in the campsite
  • Not so many large, leveled pitches. We found a spot on the parking for larger caravans and buses. It was on asphalt, in the sun, had electricity and water, but not the coziest pitch we have had on our trip. 
  • ACSI card
  • Ok sanitary facilities

Thank you Maren & Markus for some of the nice pictures.

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