Two Modern Gypsies


Provence, Côte d’Azur – Cannes & Nice

None of us have ever been to Provence before so we wanted to visit both Nice and Cannes. The train makes it very easy to get around to the cities of the Côte d’Azur, only 15-20 minutes to each of the cities by train from our campsite. The weather was not with us all the time, thats the hitch about October. Nevertheless, the atmosphere were calm and when the sun is shining it feels like a chilly summer day. Perfect.

Unfortunately we had really heavy rain in Nice, so we took a short, rainy walk at the promenade, then headed directly to Avenue Jean Médecin for shopping and crepes instead (hence no pictures from this day). Despite the rain, our impression of the city is very good and definitely want to come back here sometime during summer.

The weather was better on our day trip to Cannes so we spent it well by walking and exploring the city. Our impression of Cannes was better than expected, we have heard that it’s not necessarily very much to see in Cannes, except luxury yachts (and celebrities during film festival and summer season). We found it to be very beautiful with an enjoyable atmosphere, so that proved wrong. 

Rue Meynadier and the streets are really worth a visit in Cannes. 

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