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Hiking Innsbruck

Hiking Innsbruck – The Schaflegerkogel Loop (3/3)

If you like the combination of city and nature with lots of hiking possibilities, Innsbruck is the perfect place to be. Innsbruck is surrounded by the Alps, which means there are also lots of paths to find and tops to explore. Even though Innsbruck is a famous winter destination, its worth a visit without snow as well. 

We searched the site for hikes in Innsbruck and the areas around. We chose the Schaflegerkogel Loop, a nice route with a variety of surroundings, not too long (6-7h) and with a stunning 360 degrees view.

The day was perfect; nice weather, neither too warm or too cold and a clear view from the peaks. In the beginning the trail is really steep until you reach the first top. After this it’s just stunning view from the one peak to the next. All in all, a beautiful hike.

Other hikes in Innsbruck

We did also check out other hikes in the area around Hall in Innsbruck, which was a little bit closer to our campsite. There are so many possibilities in and around Innsbruck. Just search the internet and you’ll find what you need, or just bring you’re hiking shoes and start walking. 

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