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Croatia – A little detour for some summer vibes

After Slovenia we took a short detour to Croatia to climb and relax by the sea. The European camping season are over for many and the low season has begun. For some people who still have the chance to explore, this is the perfect time of year to enjoy a quiet atmosphere and more space at the campsites.

The hitch about the low season is that many campsites are closed so you really need to pay attention and do your research. Luckily we found one open at the coast in Vrsar and had some last summer days with swimming and chillin totally alone on the beach. 


We bought the guidebook for sport climbing in Croatia and tested out a few crags in the area of our campsite, Limski kanal and Rovinj. We really enjoyed climbing in Rovinj, most because of the beautiful surroundings close to the sea. Many of the routes are quite simple, but yet very nice. We found a favorite wall down by the sea. The routes were short which was nice and needed in the warm sun. It was terrible polished though and in the beginning it seemed not doable at all. But after working out the moves we had a fun time sending some routes.


Rovinj, sector B

Climbing in Rovinj, sector E-Grapa, route Aquamarin 6c

Limski kanal


We didn’t have that much time in Zagreb so we found some sights on the Internet and went there. Guess there are plenty to see and explore in this big city, but we didn’t quite feel that we found that. The shopping street, which is a sight in itself is probably a mekka for the shopping enthusiasts, very long and a good mix between local and international shops.

In front of the St. Mark’s Church

Enjoying life in Croatia

Camping Porto Sole

  • Leveld pitch on grass
  • Marked pitches well separated
  • Sanitary facilities ok, clean but not very warm water in the shower (thats a big negative on chilly evenings)
  • Friendly staff
  • ACSI discount 
  • Close to the sea
  • The only one open in the area

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