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American style at lake Garda in Italy

Even though we had some wonderful, warm days the last weeks the autumn has arrived Europe and it’s time to head South. After a sunny stay in Croatia (blog post coming) we packed the mother ship and drove to Italy. We’ve heard that climbing in Finale Ligure is very nice and it’s close to the French border. Miriam’s sister arrives in France in short time so we decided to stay in Finale until then. The drive from Croatia to Finale is too long in one day, so we needed a place to camp on the way. As members of the airstream club WBCCI Europe we have access to a courtesy parking list (members of the club offering space to park) all over Europe. Here’s where we found Luca and Claudias Vintage Airstream company, in Manerba del Garda – perfect location and distance. We contacted them and they gave us such a warm welcome. 

This is the second time we tried the courtesy parking service, so we’re pretty excited. You don’t really know who you’re gonna meet or what kind of parking you will get. Claudia and a friend of hers came to meet us when we arrived, and we felt so welcomed and taken care of. Her husband, Luca and herself runs a company, American Vintage Trailer. The concept is pretty new and we’re the first guest arriving with our Airstream at their place. They have one huge garage with two Vintage Airstreams, both being renovated, and two more Airstreams in their garden outside the garage. One of the Airstreams outside is now a really cool food truck where they cook delicious American food and serve drinks. The other Airstream is a beautiful caravan from 1950s with all the interior intact and available for guest to sleep in or have a party. Luca and Claudia also use it for camping in Europe. They even have a very funny pig living in their garage. Smula was so fascinated by him, didn’t really understand who that large creature was.

Outside the Airstreams there where a cozy lounge area and tables for people to eat. Just like an outdoor restaurant. During the summer and the weekends Luca, Claudia and their son goes to the Lake Garda with the food truck serving the best American hamburger for tourist and locals. We just love this concept and we looove Claudias food. She is such a good chef! We had burgers for dinner both of the days we were there, and a huge American breakfast as well. Everything they offer is American style, just like the Airstreams.

Our plan was first to stay for one night and drive to Finale the day after. We have heard a lot about Lake Garda from before, and being so close without actually seeing it…Not to mention Luca’s and Claudia’s place, where we had everything we needed surrounded by wonderful people. They welcomed us to stay for as long as we wanted so we stayed the weekend at their place.

Luca and Claudia are very nice people and we had such a wonderful time at their place. If you’re in the area and need a place to stay don’t hesitate to contact them. 

The Garden – With our Airstream in the middle

Miriam & Miriam

The coolest food truck!

Luca and Claudia inside the food truck

Smulas best friend

American breakfast – so much food

Lake Garda

Inside one of the Airstreams. This is from the 1950s. Everything is original.

Luca is helping a friend to renovate an old Airstream from the US. 

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