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Innsbruck, Austria (1/3)

As soon as we realized we could catch the Climbing World Championships in Innsbruck, we changed our plans and bought tickets to the finals. Innsbruck is not far away from Füssen, so the timing was perfect. We actually liked Innsbruck that much that we ended up staying 3 weeks in stead of one. There’s so much to do in this city and the villages around. We tried out several climbing crags, went hiking in the mountains, were tourists in the city centre, the list goes on. The show and attention around the climbing world cup was really great. Its so fun to be in the audience and also be in the city at the same time as so many strong climbers. Its easy to be a little bit stars trucked actually!

Maren and Markus (a German couple we met in Czech) came to visit us 3 weekends in a row. The first weekend they came to hang out with us and do some climbing, the other two weekends they came to join us for the finals in lead and bouldering (the finals was in separate weekends). Together we checked out two sport climbing crags, Oetz and Starkenbach, and the bouldering in Vomperbach (read our post about the climbing here). The weather was just perfect each time they came to visit us, so we had some nice meals and barbecue in our little «garden» outside the Airstream.

The view from our Mothership.

Time for some barbecue.


There are so many possibilities of hiking in the area of Innsbruck. We found some nice hiking tips at and chose the Schaflegerkogel Loop. An absolute fantastic hike in such beautiful surroundings (read blog post here). It’s also a lot of hiking from (Hall in Tirol), not far from our campsite where we had some beautiful hikes and runs. Which was also of great joy for Smula.

Schaflegerkogel Loop.

City centre and Kletterzentrum

Our campsite was about 30 minutes to the city centre by bike. Nice and flat bike paths made it very easy to go to both Kletterzentrum (climbing and World Cup Qualifications), the Olympic stadium (where the World Cup finals took place), and to the city centre. The climbing gym, Kletterzentrum Innsbruck is huge and super fresh. It’s definitely the best gym we have been to. We liked the size of it, the routes, the atmosphere – even though it was quite busy because of the Climbing World Championships there were plenty of space for everyone.

We really enjoyed hanging around in the city centre. Innsbruck is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the atmosphere is calm and at the same time pulsing. You find everything you need here, especially if you’re into sport. Lots of shops with climbing gear. Even though the high season is over there’s still a lot of tourists (very understandable though). We don’t eat out very often, but had pizza and beer a couple of times in the centre. Check out Mamma Mia pizza restaurant. It seemed to be very popular, also among the locals, which is always a good sign.

Innsbruck is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

Checking out the city centre.

Watching mens Lead Qualifications.


We also went climbing in fantastic Zillertal two times. We loved the climbing in this valley, we also loved the place, and can absolutely recommend it. Go to blogpost about climbing in Innsbruck.



Driving in Austria

Driving on Austrian Highways and motorways requires a Highway Toll Sticker (Vignette). It costs €9 for 10 days, as long as you’re car is under 3,5t. The same with your caravan (you only need a Vignette for your car). You can buy the Vignette on all petrol stations in Austria and at petrol stations in the neighboring countries. We recommend you to buy the Vignette before crossing the border if possible. For us it was a bit of a hassle with the large caravan. 

Schwimmbad-Camping Hall

  • Good location
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Nice and clean sanitary facilities
  • Cheap (if you have the ACSI discount, remember that taxes are not included in the price in the book. We paid €20 per day in September).
  • You get free access to a very nice outdoor swimming pool, next to the campsite
  • Close to city sender of Innsbruck, gas stations and shops

We had a great time during our stay at this campsite. We’re very lucky with our spot, we actually had a «private» garden with nice mountain view. A very nice campsite for dogs as well. Smula had a great time!

Read more about climbing in Innsbruck here. 

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