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Airstream maintenance in Siegen and Limburg

After an enjoyable week in Heidelberg it was time for our first Airstream maintenance in Siegen, not too far from Frankfurt. Our second appointment, a routine service for the Airstream, was at Roka, stationed not far from the little town Limburg. These places are not too far away from each other and thanks to good organizing by Glen, Christoffers dad, we got the appointments in the same week. Even though we prepared for a week with waiting and not the most exciting places to stay – we created some good memories from these places too.


Our fridge didn’t work properly so we needed to get it fixed. Glen had booked an morning appointment for us at Meitz (Dometic) in Siegen, so we had to drive there the day before. They do actually offer their customers a parking space for overnight stays. We arrived in the early evening and in order to save some time, and money we decided to stay the night on this parking lot. It was electricity and water provided for a nice price, and you can empty your grey water there as well. Just remember to bring coins. We had some company on the parking lot, an Austrian man also waiting for service the next day. He was a friendly man with good stories and served us some real German Weisbeer. He also had some great tips regarding driving in the Alps with a caravan.

Outside Meitz. Excited to stay here for the night:P

Smula is watching and barking at a race with remote control cars

Climbing in Giessen

The service in Siegen was done after only a few hours so we drove toward Giessen and a campsite there. Before our next appointment at Roka, a 30 minutes drive from Giessen, we found some time for climbing. We checked out a pretty new climbing gym, DAV Climbing and Bouldering Center Gießen. That’s so great about Germany, no matter where you are it’s not far away from a climbing gym, or outdoor climbing.


Our last appointment was just a regular service on the Airstream. Roka sells Airstreams, but their main business is Food Trucks. We got to look at some of them, and they are so cool. We also checked out their showroom with the Airstreams in different sizes. The one we have is the largest, but actually the one in the middle an the smallest are really nice too. We fell in love with the smallest one. It actually feels much bigger inside than it looks from the outside – and it has so many smart solutions.

After a quick tour in their showroom we went to the Old Town of Limburg. This is a super cozy place with a lot of tiny cafes, restaurants and bakeries. We spent some time just walking around, then we sat down to do some work and photo editing. There were a lot of tourists in Limburg, especially older people. We didn’t really expect Limburg to be this popular, but we do understand now, after being there. It’s totally worth a stop if you’re in the neighborhood.

Heidelberg Old Town. Limburg Cathedral to the left. 

“Hey, we’re trying to focus here”

Outside of Roka

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