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Sightseeing in Copenhagen

Sightseeing in Copenhagen – Denmark

After some quiet days at Tjörnbro Park we decided to go straight to Copenhagen, driving over the Oresund Bridge from Malmö. It’s an easy way to get to Copenhagen, a bit expensive (we paid aprox 1200 SEK), but worth it (If you haven’t watched the serie: The Bridge, you have something to look forward to).

We wanted to stay close to the city centre and found Bellahoej Camping. This camp site is located only 4 km from King’s New Square, which took us about 15 minutes by bike (Smula on Christoffer’s lap).



Copenhagen is a really cool city, both of us really loved it. None of us has visited Copenhagen before so we had to check out some of the most known “must to see attractions” and explore the city as tourists.


Copenhagen – Denmark
We found a cool backyard (with a cafe/bar – really cosy) on the other side of Nyhavn.


Sightseeing in Copenhagen
Documenting and freshening up photo skills.


Copenhagen – Denmark
Nyhavn, Copenhagen.


Freetown Christiania

A place we have heard a lot about so wanted to go there ourselves to experience what it’s really about. And yes, we can confirm, it was much alike what we had been told. You can buy and smoke weed, probably other stuff as well, wherever you want. It´s pretty free, as the name explains. It’s a lot of weird, fascinating people there, but it’s also getting more and more crowded and visited by tourists. We had a nice Chicken Doner Kebab in Christiania, next to a lot of people with munches. Pretty funny to sit down here for a beer.

We would absolutely recommend you to walk from the beginning to the end of Christiania. The beginning and the centre may be a bit overwhelming for a few, when you walk a little longer towards the end, you will find it very peaceful, creative and nice. And for us this is what Christiania is all about.


Copenhagen – Denmark
Christoffer and Smula at the entrance of Christiania.


Copenhagen – Denmark
The beginning of our Christiania walk.


Copenhagen – Denmark
There are so many cool buildings in Christiania.

Sightseeing in Copenhagen

Sightseeing in Copenhagen

Sightseeing in Copenhagen
This is in the end of Christiania. A very nice area.


Bellahoej Camping

  • Large campsite.
  • Grassfield.
  • Park wherever you want.
  • Close to the city centre (approx. 4 km)
  • You find all kind of people there.
  • The field isn’t perfectly leveld so be prepared.
  • A cheap and easy place to be.
  • Sanitary Fascilities was ok. We liked the showers.
  • Friendly staff.
  • Be prepared. This is a city camp. A large grassfield in the city, don´t expect an idyllic camp site.
  • Overall a camp site we can recommend and visit again.


Smula is watching his casa.


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