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Berlin – Sightseeing & bouldering

We had a pretty long drive from Harry’s Place to Berlin and arrived in the evening at a campsite south of Berlin, Hotel and City Camping South. A very nice and quiet campsite just outside the city. Christoffer finally got to test his backing skills with the mothership, also with audience on the campsite. He managed perfectly! First camping challenge: Check!

One big note to self is to have cash when you arrive at a campsite. So far, we’ve only experienced it in Germany, but we’re actually a bit surprised that you have to pay with cash so many places, even in the city. We also experienced some language situations as we don’t speak German at all, but mostly we managed to have a dialogue with some kind of understanding. One tip is to learn some typical words and phrases in German, especially if you’re at a place without wifi and connection. 


Next morning we took our bikes to the S-train and headed to the city centre of Berlin. Started off with some of the typical must to see attractions. After being tourists for real it was time to explore Berlin by it’s art and culture. First we had a beer at a “beach bar” beside the river (it was actually called a beach bar), then we walked down to the East Side Gallery. From the city center we walked by the river and past a lot of cool and artsy places, and it’s really well done street art all over. We found it very special and interesting to see parts of the Berlin Wall. It’s a special feeling to be that close to it. Can’t believe they actually divided Berlin into East and West.

Smula in the city

It was a long and hot day in the city, so we decided that we’d deserved a pizza on a restaurant instead of making dinner ourselves that day. We found a nice, little restaurant and Smula was of course also welcome, he even got served water. Our impression so far is that dogs are more welcome at shops and restaurants/cafes than we are used to from Norway, which makes it a lot easier for us. Smula have already visited a lot of stores and cafes, and he loves it! 

Back for nightlife

It seemed for us that the urban city we’ve heard so much about sleeps in the daytime and wakes up in the afternoon. A lot of the cool places we visited was closed, so we have to come back here another time so we can experience the nightlife in Berlin.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Brandenburger Tor & East Side Gallery

Bouldering at Südbloc Boulderhalle

After a long day sightseeing in Berlin we needed a rest day, well, kind of a rest day. Needed to do something else and we wanted to check out climbing in Berlin. Close to where we stayed we found Südbloc Boulderhalle. It is a really cool gym, and so many nice routes. We loved that they have a big outdoor bouldering wall as well.

It was a great afternoon, and we can absolutely recommend this climbing gym if you would like to boulder in between sightseeing and hangout days in Berlin.

Camping at Hotel and City Camping South

  • Large camp site (long)
  • Toilets and showers was clean and ok standard
  • Electricity, water and showers included in price
  • Very nice surroundings with the river a few meters from our door, nice paths along the river and in the forest just outside the camping.
  • We took our bikes 4km to the s- train on Wannsee station. Then the S-train for 20-30 min to the city centre. Worked really nice.
  • Staff was friendly, but didn´t speak a word english.

View from the other side of the river and a bridge close to the campsite

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