Two Modern Gypsies

Airstream Camping – Munkbrarup, Germany

After some days in Copenhagen we were eager to get to Berlin, but the drive is too long without a stop with our Airstream mothership. Therefore, we decided to find a place to stay the night on the German side of the boarder.

Our Airstream is registered in the European part of the International Airstream Club, WBCCI Europe (Wally Byam Caravan Club). As members of this group there is a list available with addresses where you can spend a night with your Airstream for free in other WBCCI members backyards. We checked the list, and Christoffers dad recommended us to check out Harry and Monicas place. Harry answered our email right away and welcomed us! When we got there it was an awesome spot he had to offer. We felt really lucky.  Water, electricity and large grass field with view, all by ourselves! 

Harry and Monika invited us down to their house for some drinks in the evening. They have a really cool garden, and Harry and Monica is such a nice couple. We also got to hear some stories and picked up some good tips from some more experienced airstreamers. 

This night was rated high! The next day we could start preparing and leaving for Berlin without any stress!

Thank you Monika and Harald!

In this moment we actually understand what an adventure we have begun!
Happy days.
Christoffer and Smula relaxing in the nightfall.



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