Two Modern Gypsies

A Day Trip to Prague

Prague is just one hour drive from Petrohrad, a perfect distance for a rest day from bouldering. Miriam was going back to Norway for a wedding and some work, so we combined a day trip to Prague before her plane left in the evening.

Christoffer has been to Prague several times before, so he knew where to go and what to see. We parked the car close to the Letna Park, which was both easy and cheap (2 Euros for the whole day). From the Letna park you have a great view over the city, including the famous Charles Bridge, and it’s also a famous skate spot. 

After some time in the park we walked down to the Old Town, close to the Old Town Square to have some lunch. We combined lunch and dinner and had a really huge Hamburger Plate with beer for the boy and Aperol Spritz for the girl. Didn’t need more food that day! Smula had a great lunch underneath our table, where he was chilling in the shade and enjoying life. 

View from the Letna Park

The Charles Bridge

Old Town Square & Charles Bridge 

Prague Castle

Our last stop on our sightseeing round was the Prague Castle, one of the most important cultural monuments in the Czech Republic. It was terribly warm this day, so the walk up the stairs to the castle was really heavy. And it was too hot to stay at the top watching the view. We had to cool Smula down with water and hurried back to the car to get air condition for him, and us.

Prague is a beautiful city, no wonder that it is on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. The architecture in the Old Town is stunning to watch, the city is clean and really good taken care of. Even though you have seen the most after one day of intense walking and sightseeing, this is a city worth visiting. We didn’t have time or interest this day to check out the shopping area so we saved that for another visit. Still, Christoffer managed to spend some money in a climbing shop. 

Bouldering in Petrohrad

Prague was wonderful, so were our bouldering days in Petrohrad. Read about that soon.

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