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Two Modern Gypsies

Getting ready for our big adventure

Welcome to our blog, Two Modern Gypsies.


Our adventure is about to start in just a few days. It feels both weird, scary and exciting at the same time. On Wednesday we’ll leave Oslo behind for one year to explore Europe by car and caravan.


There are so many places to see, crags to climb and hidden treasures to find. It’s almost a bit overwhelming. As climbing is our passion a lot of our time will be spent by exploring different climbing crags and bouldering areas. We have done quite a lot of research by watching YouTube videos, reading blogs and books about traveling and climbing around Europe. But we can’t climb all the time, and Europe has so much to offer, so beside climbing there will be both hiking and sightseeing as well.

To plan the trip and pin places we want to go we have used google maps, which we can share and work in at the same time from different computers. It’s a wonderful tool. Here we can categorize places, for example climbing, landmarks, and campsites. Check out our travel plan here. (If you have some tips for us on places to visit or crags to climb, please don’t hesitate to send us an email).


Travel Map
From our “Places we want to check out” map in Google Maps


Be aware of the dog!


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Many people want to visit us while we’re traveling, and we’re really hoping that it will happen as well. We’ll try to update the travel plan along the way, but our plan is also to not plan it into details, because it will probably change. Which it has done already, a lot of times.

We are looking forward to sharing our trip with you guys, and this blog will be our platform for sharing our adventure and experiences. We will take lots of photos and video during the next 12 months and write blog posts about the places we visit. Hopefully this can be both for inspiration and help for other climbers, campers and travellers.





Most of the preparations for leaving are done, which of course it should be, taking the days left into consideration. But it has to be mentioned that the to-do list has been very long, and it will be such a relief when we’re finally on the go and the things undone have to stay undone. But the most important preparations are taken care of. We’ve rented out the apartment, Christoffer has taken the license for driving the caravan, we’ve saved up some money and arranged with work. Christoffer has taken one year off and Miriam are going to do some work from where we are. Smula, our dog has gotten the vaccines needed for traveling in Europe (read more about Smula in our previous blog post) and gotten his own passport. So, the whole family should be all set to go.

The feeling of actually doing this, is a really great feeling. For both of us. It takes courage to leave everything behind and just go. But sometimes that’s just what you have to do, jump straight into it, have a so-called plan and hit the road.



Ready to go

Majorca – The climbing trip we decided to follow our dreams.


So, here is the story of how this opportunity came true and where it all begun:

For a while now, we have wanted to take a year off and live abroad, travel around and climb in all these great places we read and heard all about. One of the last days on a climbing trip to Majorca last summer, we were drinking wine and making homemade pizza on the rooftop balcony after a great day with climbing. It was then we decided that this is what we want! We want to break out of our daily routines, comfort zones and truly leave home behind. So, that night we decided that in the end of the next summer we were going to live in Majorca.

We started saving money and to make the preparations that we needed, but during the winter we got an offer we couldn’t pass. We got the opportunity to borrow a Toyota Land Cruiser and an Airstream caravan. In this way we could travel around the whole of Europe, explore places that we elsewhere wouldn’t see and of course be able to climb and boulder on a lot of grate places. So, thanks a million, Glen, Christoffer’s father for giving us this awesome opportunity.

In the following year we are pretty sure we’re going to experience a lot of great things, do mistakes, see some mind-blowing places and off course climb a lot!

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