Two Modern Gypsies

First Stop – Camping in Sweden

After a few hours of driving from Oslo, we arrived at Tjörnbro Park, in Sweden. 

Just a short drive from Uddevalla and an hour outside Gothenburg. The campsite lies below Tjörn bridge, very close to the sea and beautiful surroundings. We had a sea view and a short walk to a little beach. It was really warm during our stay, up to 32 degrees, so that swim was really appreciated. Even for Smula who hates swimming. We stayed at this camp for three nights – it was nice to finally get some time to relax, get organised and practise our camping skills.


We walked to the top of a hill to take some nice pictures of this really cool bridge. More video will come.



Our First Guests

At the second day of our stay we got our first guests to the airstream. Kristin and Johan and their baby Theo came to visit us from Gothenburg. We had dinner and drinks at our “terrasse” in front of the caravan. Super nice!





We had to check out some climbing as well and found a sport climbing crag, Tjörn Klippen, only 5 minutes by car. If we don’t have guidebook for climbing in the area we often use the app, 27 crags, which we did this time as well. The crag looks really cool, but it’s also located in the sun. That day was one of the warmest in a long time, so unfortunately because of the sun, heat and bad friction we had to pass that day. Even though that sucked, we enjoyed the day in the sea and at the campsite instead.




About Tjörnbro Park

  • Just below the bridge.
  • Large campsite.
  • Grass field.
  • Park wherever you want.
  • Close to the sea, we had sea view.
  • Nice and clean.
  • Modern Washing machine and dryer. This was included in the price.
  • Toilets and shower were ok standard and clean.
  • Good service, friendly staff.
  • We payed 350 SEK (High season) each night.



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