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Europe – Here We Come

Europe is just around the corner. It’s been some pretty intense days with moving and the last preparations before leaving. Even though we rent out the apartment fully equipped it’s still surprisingly much stuff to remove and storage. And for some reason, suddenly you want to take care of things you have been thinking of in three years. Packing for a year is not done in a day. It’s difficult not to pack too much and the other way around as well. Time will show…



With the car packed with our gear and clothes for a year, we left our apartment in Oslo behind. This was one of the days we had been waiting for. Moving in is the fun part, and to organize our chaos into system. It’s actually surprisingly much storage room in this caravan. Maybe we have been to careful with the packing?!

Christoffer’s father helped us a lot with the last preparations. Both installing a pretty high-tech security system and giving us the last instructions. There are a lot to know and remember, which might feel a bit overwhelming and complex in the beginning. How does the gas system work, electricity, batteries, all the different digital buttons and settings, what to do in different cases etc. But it’s totally worth it and taking our new motto: “Learning by doing!” into consideration this will just be a fun challenge. We have also talked through security a lot. It’s important to be prepared and aware of situations that have happened to others and in worst case scenario can happen to us.

A friend of ours who runnes a printing house helped us with a logo printout for our Airstream. Thank you Jens. Already, we’ve experienced the impact of it and have been in contact to several people, both from the two campsites we have visited so far (more from these later) and cars on the road.


Europe – Here we come
Packing and organizing our climbing gear, and Smula of course.


Europe Here We Come
Logo in progress. Christoffer and his father.

The night before leaving was pretty special. We haven’t had much time to reflect about our feelings regarding our adventure. But the night before, the nerves and excitement came to the surface and there wasn’t much sleep to get.

After saying goodbye to our families there was only one way to go – straight forward. Heading to Sweden first, not turning around for a while. Mixed feelings is the keyword to describe the feeling in the car in the first couple of hours! We’re so happy and relieved to finally be on the road. Christoffer has already made a sport out of driving economically and Miriam is a fantastic DJ and waitress. Smula has the VID (Very Important Dog) spot in the back and sleeps all the time. There was some nerves in the air about our first camping. More about this in a blog post just around the corner.


Saying goodbye to our parents at a huge parking lot before leaving.


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