Two Modern Gypsies


Beware of the dog – Smula

This is Smula, the miniature pinscher – and our crag dog!


Many people have asked us question regarding traveling with dog in Europe. Where is he going to be? Can he join? Isn’t it difficult to travel with a dog? And so on. Well, of course we will bring him with us, he’s a part of our little family. We’re not the first people to travel around with a dog and we’ve done all the necessary preparations, so we’re not worried at all. He will experience the best time of his life, running around exploring Europe.





Preparations we did in advance was a good dialogue with our vet, searched the web, read about other people’s experiences and contacted people when we couldn’t find the answer to our questions on the web.

Smula is now ready and super exited to start the trip! He has now his own passport, ID chip and taken all the necessary vaccines. So, travel around Europe shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully, after next summer he can scratch out more than 17 countries on his scratch map.



Christoffer and Smula


We will keep you updated during the year, and if you have any questions regarding traveling with a dog, send us an email! We may not be able to answer everything now, but hopefully we’ll get a lot of experience after a few weeks on the road.